Bilingual Preschool

Learning Spanish with Montessori MaterialsBamboo Montessori follows the Evergreen School District policy for school closures and late start. Please follow public announcements of school schedule changes on local radio and television stations.  You may also call the Evergreen School District Hotline at any time to hear a current update of possible school schedule changes at 360-604-3637360-604-3637.

Bamboo Montessori is a Certified In Home Bilingual (English/Spanish) Preschool  in south west Washington.

The class can welcome a maximum of 12 children with  a ration 1:6, of all nationalities, at this point we are only accepting children who are  21/2    to 3 years by September of each school year.

Our goal is to provide  an environment that facilitates the full potential of each child.  We believe that learning should be meaningful and challenging, we believe that everyone should be treated with love, compassion and respect.

We strongly encourage parents to start their child’s Montessori education as early as  2 1/2  when learning a language is a natural process and also because young children are naturally attract to key lessons key for their latter success.

Our location: 18109 SE 20th Way, Vancouver WA 98683 (in Fisher’s Landing) is very convenient for the East Vancouver and Camas families.

We will love to show you our classroom and learn about your child needs. Please call at (360) 254-4279 or email at to set an appointment.

We are starting our waiting list so feel free to call and schedule.

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